Thursday, January 17, 2013

RMT: Political Tirade

Oh Facebook, how I love thee. How I loathe thee. How I wish I could block almost every political rant I read. Seriously! There is a way I can do this, right? Any techno-weenie want to help me out here, because I'm about done with the whole thing. Recently, someone posted the following link with the attached tag of "time to stop shopping at whole foods!" Why? I ask you why? Because someone has the audacity to call our President a fascist because of they way they feel about the proposed health care initiative? Quick remind, last time I checked, we are granted our freedom of speech in this country, so I'm pretty sure that a CEO of any company or any civilian of this country, for that matter, can call the president any choice name in the book without much recourse for it. But, is it really time to boycott Whole Foods just because their CEO says what he thinks of the President? Let's just say that everyone in the world did boycott this company and just stopped shopping there altogether. What then? Would that force them to go out of business, thus leaving millions of people without jobs? Or would it force the CEO to change his official stance on calling our president a fascist, in which he would essentially be lying to appease the masses. But then, I guess that's just what the voters want; someone who lies to their face to gain their support but have no intentions of making good on their false promise. Welcome to America right? The land where no one is held accountable for their actions, but that's for another day. Back to the topic at hand. I can't even begin to tell you how many people have tried been up in arms over anyone questioning our current president, calling those questioning minds, "disgusting," "over the top," and claiming they, "have no right to speak to our president that way." Again, check the constitution, we're allowed. But, I recall eight years ago, the roles were reversed. Those that are now offended were the offenders and the president at that time took a lot of heat because he couldn't find a cohesive sentence if it bit him on the ass. I think we should all keep in mind that while it is our responsibility to keep our leaders in check, we shouldn't throw down those who oppose our views in their efforts to make a buck. Or a few million. Or a few billion. Posting on Facebook to boycott Whole Foods isn't going to do much damage, in fact, it just kinda makes your late 30 something ass look sad that you think it will. Perhaps ranting on my blog won't make much difference either, but I guess we're all trying to get our points of view out there right? Riggle me that!