Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why you SHOULD be rescuing pets.

There are numerous reasons to rescue a pet, from the simple joys they can bring to your life to the fact that each animal rescued is a life saved. Rescuing an animal can not only teach a human more responsibility, but it can teach an animal unconditional love. And the reasons can pile up even further. However, I will give you three amazing reasons to rescue an animal.
1.How could you resist?
2. Holy tongue, batman!
3. I'm ready to play!
4. Yes?
5. And one happy family! We rescued our dog, Monkey, almost three years ago. Not one single day has passed where we weren't grateful for him in our lives. Everyday is amazing and wonderful. Need more convincing? Check out http://www.petfinder.com, http://www.ny-petrescue.org, http://www.aspca.org/adoptdog, or visit your local PetSmart store to find out how you can help.