Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Riggle me this, dog poop!

So, I frequently see this sign while I'm walking my dog, but for once, I actually stopped to look and think about what this sign means.

My first thought was, "wow, that's a wide range of a fine." I mean, come on $25-200? That means a lot. I just don't understand what would constitute a $25 fine, something small? Like having your dog off their leash? Is that all it would take? Or if you don't clean up their pee? I don't get it. But then I thought about what would constitute a $200 fine? If your dog struts up to a cop standing nearby and just takes a good old fashioned dump on his foot? 'Cause, ya know, that would piss me off, too!

BUt, the more I thought about this sign, I realized that these signs are all over the city, and yet, I still step in dog shit from irresponsible pet owners who don't clean up after their dogs. I almost feel like I should be like Barney Fife and scream "citizen's arrest! citizen's arrest!" at the people I see leaving a mess behind. There is one bitch on my street who put's her dog into the fenced in tree area and lets her dog go, and assumes that it's appropriate to not clean it up.

She assumes incorrectly.

It's a horrible thing that too many people have just let go and part of the reason why my dog can't go to many area's of public parks or even certain parts of the city that he should be allowed to go. That old adage, one bad apple will spoil the bunch has really rung true in my life. So, in the spirit of the old bitch who tried to tell me that my dog needs a coat in the cold, I would like to tell all of you fuckers who don't clean up your dog shit that if I see you doing it, I will not only rub your dog's shit in your face, I will run down to where this sign is posted, steal it, and then come and bitch slap your dog shitty face with it, and then call the police.

Will I really do that? Most likely not, but that imagry will be playing in my head when I see it.

Riggle me that!